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Talk on the Court's Role in Mediating Maritime & Insurance Disputes, 23 July 2010


Sitting on the left Justice K. Anantham and Mr Jeremy M Joseph (right).

The Bar Council Shipping and Admiralty Law Committee (SALC), chaired by Jeremy Joseph, organised a talk entitled “The Court’s Role in Mediating Maritime & Insurance Disputes” at Impiana KLCC Hotel on 23 July 2010. The renowned speaker was Justice K Anantham, Judicial Commissioner of the High Court.

The primary aim of the talk was to drive home the point that mediation is being introduced in all courts, not just to resolve, but also to expedite the resolution of, disputes. This growth of interest in mediation corresponds with the increase in the cost of litigation. Through mediation, the courts are taking an active role in settling disputes using commercial sense and legal principles.

The learned speaker, Justice Anantham, gave a detailed explanation as to what mediation is, as well as principles relevant to all forms of mediation. Justice Anantham went on to brief the audience on the role of the judge as a mediator.

Subsequent to the talk, the floor was opened for a question-and-answer session, which allowed direct interaction between the Judge and participants of the talk.

This informative event benefited both the maritime and insurance industry players, and members of the legal fraternity who attended the talk. The event ended with a tea-cum-networking session.