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Joseph & Partners' shipping law practice provides legal services to the shipping and maritime industry.

We are specialists in all aspects of shipping law and are a trusted shipping legal firm used by companies not just in Malaysia but internationally. We provide clear, comprehensive advice on all aspects of shipping law, including marine casualties, admiralty disputes, ship finance, day-to-day commercial disputes arising under shipping contracts, bills of lading as well as shipbuilding contracts.

Our shipping law practice provides commercially minded advice that centres on the needs of our clients and their businesses. Our shipping legal services also includes advice on: towage, salvage and pilotage, marine safety and pollution, collision, fire, grounding, withdrawals, cancellations and wrongful terminations.

In addition to these services, we also provide advice on arrest of ships and releases from arrest, methods of obtaining security or evidence, freight, hire, demurrage and other sums due under charter parties, shipbuilding, ship sale agreements, agency and freight forwarding matters, freezing injunctions, enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitration awards, ports, harbours and related services and ship and asset financing.

Whatever your shipping law requirements, Joseph & Partners are here to help.

For more details, please contact us.