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Disputes are normal part of business but understandably, they can cause all sorts of problems.

Joseph & Partners has a specialist dispute arbitration and mediation team that specializes in sorting out disputes quickly and effectively. Our arbitration and mediation practice covers both international and domestic disputes and we specialize in resolving shipping and marine offshore disputes. However, our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism can handle all sorts of business disagreements in multiple industries.

The arbitration system in Malaysia has gone through some major changes recently, including new rules for maritime arbitration and the launch of the Malaysian Admiralty Court, which makes Malaysia among the most favourable jurisdictions to resolve maritime disputes.

Our arbitration practice specializes in maritime and marine offshore disputes but we can also advise you on drafting contracts with appropriate ADR clauses in maritime and oil and gas contracts or can conduct and manage domestic and international arbitrations, particular those with cross border issues.

Our expertise in the marine offshore and maritime industries gives us unrivalled expertise, enabling us to provide clients with a specialist team to handle maritime and oil and gas disputes. Our offshore arbitration team can evaluate the best strategies for resolving disputes and negotiate settlements, draft settlement agreements, and advise on enforcement measures. We conduct arbitrations both locally and internationally and specialize in cross border disputes, especially in locations such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and London.


Mediation is a key aspect to resolving disputes. Understanding our clients' needs, we help businesses, especially in the marine offshore and maritime industries, by representing them in the mediation process. Our team of experienced mediation experts advise clients on the use of mediation in the first instance to resolves disputes, helping to save money and prevent things from escalating further.

Our principle partner, Jeremy Joseph, is a trained mediator with the Malaysian Bar Council and an accredited mediator with the Malaysian Mediator Centre. This expertise enables us to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. With the advantage of almost 25 years' of collective experience in the shipping, insurance and commercial industries, Joseph & Partners, is the most highly sought after mediation service in Malaysia

In addition, Jeremy has chaired the Bar Council Shipping and Admiralty Law Committee now that mediation is being introduced in all courts, not just to resolve disputes, but also to expedite the resolution of maritime disputes. This growth of interest in mediation corresponds with an increase in litigation costs but through Malaysian mediation service providers, such as Joseph & Partners, disputes can be settled using commercial sense and legal principles to avoid unnecessary legal costs.

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